If autism is hereditary, then where are all the retirement homes full of autistic people?

Nursing homes and retirement “villages” in America are chock full of elderly folks who are victims of brittle bones, dementia, strokes, heart attacks, osteoporosis, and severe arthritis. Yet, something is missing, and it’s more obvious than a trumpeting elephant in a small room full of people. Where are all the autistic senior citizens? Does the government ship them all off to some special island where it’s kept hush-hush and they receive all the special treatment they need? (Of course not…)

Today’s medical “establishment” claims that most cases of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are genetic, meaning inherited, but that would also mean that this generation’s grandparents and great-grandparents suffer from the same genetic disorders and dysfunctions as so many children do today. In fact, about one in every 50 children suffers from autism now. The hereditary autism theory just doesn’t add up. This requires careful consideration and analysis.

Hereditary means something “runs in the family,” but nary is the senior citizen who has autism

Medical doctors in America love to blame every disease and disorder on bad genes, so you’ll accept the lie that there are no natural cures to heal you, and no chemical foods and medicines to avoid in order to avoid health pitfalls. In this regard, M.D.s convince nearly every patient that the only way to treat any diseases, disorders, or neurological problems is with chemical prescription medications that quell the symptoms, but never cure the ill. Does autism run in your family? How many of your elders are suffering from ASD right now at the old age home? None? Welcome to the “club.”

Modern “science” claims that the probability of having autism is greater for a person if it “runs in the family,” which assumes hereditary factors. That means there’s an “autism gene” that’s causing all the brain and central nervous system disorders and malfunctions observed in autistic children. The signs of autism include some or all of the following: social behavior issues, muscle control problems, repetitive body movements, memory impairments, trouble multi-tasking, and even problems eating.

The problem with the hereditary autism theory, and it is just a theory, is that there is no DNA sequence that codes for autism. The whole convoluted theory is a farce, and it’s spread like propaganda to cover up a huge, insidious chemical-medicine racket that makes Big Pharma billions of dollars every year.

You see, 30 years ago, scientists discovered the gene that causes Huntington’s disease (a disease of the brain), and therefore solidified the science behind one gene being responsible for a certain brain disease, disorder or malfunction. The problem is that Huntington’s disease is an exception, because autism, ADHD, depression, dementia, and even schizophrenia are all caused by hundreds (if not thousands) of malfunctioning genes, not just one.

Autism is actually a brain disorder that develops during the first 3 years, when the human brain grows the quickest

The symptoms of a child with autism can differ enormously from those of a parent with autism. Spontaneous gene mutations caused by chemical medications and vaccines, for instance, may play a major role in each case of autism while showing completely different signs. These would not be “inherited genes” but issues with the central nervous system, the immune system, and the neurons misfiring in the brain.

Twenty years ago, only one in 10,000 children were suffering from autism. Before the advent of vaccines, hardly anyone was ever diagnosed with autism. Why? If you think it’s a conspiracy theory to say that vaccines contain neurotoxins that impede or even literally melt brain matter, you would be mistaken. If you think childhood vaccines no longer contain mercury, you would be mistaken (most flu shots contain mercury and the CDC recommends them for pregnant women and 6-month-young infants). If you think injecting miniscule amounts of heavy metal toxins is “safe and effective” at combating disease, you would again be mistaken.

Did you know the same dose of vaccine toxins that are injected into a grown man are also injected into newborn babies and pregnant women? Yep, according to the CDC, when it comes to inoculations, one size fits all. How absurd.

You know, people who said the U.S. government was spying on everybody’s emails and phone calls just five years ago was said to be a conspiracy theorist, then along came Edward Snowden and the “Spy Grid” Prism revelations. Now you’re tuning into the vaccine-autism connection revelations. Take heed. It’s no conspiracy theory.

Just because something’s “genetic” does NOT necessarily mean it’s inherited – it can mean genes are disturbed, mutated or modified

Autism occurs when nerve cells and synapses in the brain are altered, blocked, disrupted and disturbed. ASD is a broad umbrella term for autism, Asperger (or Asperger’s) syndrome, and any other pervasive developmental, cognitive, behavioral, social communication and language disorders. Autism is brought on by an overload of neurotoxins either consumed, injected or ingested from environmental factors, or all of the above. Mainstream medicine and the allopathic “regime” deny that vaccines are a culprit, but the CDC has been implicated in covering up research that proved otherwise, according to top experts and the CDC’s own lead scientist. So one more time, we must ask the burning question: If autism is inherited, then where are all the retirement homes full of autistic people?

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