Is modern medicine a form of death by design?

It’s not a secret that many pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous; the side effects listed on infomercials alone are proof of that. But how deep does the pharma conspiracy go? Perhaps mass sickness and death has been the plan all along. In a new videoThe Robert Scott Bell Show explores a paper written by Green Med Info founder Sayer Ji entitled, “Has Drug-Driven Medicine Become A Form Of Human Sacrifice?”

As Ji contends, modern medicine is no longer rooted in the science of healing, but rather the “art” of making more money. Medicine is a big business, but when profits are put before human life, a terrible thing happens: More and more people are dying from these so-called treatments. An estimated 786,000 Americans die each year from iatrogenic causes. This means thousands of people are dying from illnesses caused by the medicines or other treatments prescribed to them by health professionals.

And that’s just an estimate: In a world where doctors have increasingly little knowledge of basics like nutrition, one might wonder if the number of iatrogenic deaths is much higher than currently recognized. Bell goes on to note that many pharmaceuticals cause other health problems — which result in the “need” for more drugs.

Bell contends,”Whatever you’ve got going on, modern medicine has it beat.”  He goes on to state, “I believe Sayer is right here, modern medicine is a form of human sacrifice.” See Bell’s full video below:

The sham of modern medicine

As Sayer Ji argues, modern medicine relies on the erroneous notion that the human body is incapable of self-restoration. “Within our present dominant medical system, healing has not simply been forgotten but intentionally exorcized as it represents the antithesis of perpetual profitability which requires the incurability of the human body,” he states.

More, the value of good nutrition and herbal medicine have been obscured to the point where some professionals dismiss the idea that nutrition has curative qualities. Many “health” organizations admit that good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help prevent diseases like diabetes and heart disease — but virtually no one within the medical industry is willing to discuss that nutrition can help cure these conditions as well.

In the case of people with type 2 diabetes, research has confirmed that diet and exercise are better treatment modalities than pharmaceuticals — yet most people still rely on pharmaceuticals to treat their condition. Even the American Diabetes Association has admitted that type 2 diabetes could be reversed with diet and weight loss — so why are prescription medications still heartily recommended?

Big Pharma and their ilk have taken control of the wheel, so to speak — such to the degree that the FDA can arrest people for selling natural products. It’s truly a paradox: In many cases, Big Pharma’s drugs are nothing more than synthetic versions of plants, herbs, vitamins and minerals that science has confirmed are effective. Yet only one can be sold as “medicine.” Many banned medicinal plants, like cannabis and kratom, are being synthesized for profits by Big Pharma.

“I believe that it is only through the free, uncensored and democratic dissemination of health information that we can secure our health freedom and through speaking truth to power, expose the fraud which is strictly profit-driven pharmaceutically-based medicine,” Ji writes.

Ultimately, the pharma industry doesn’t want people to be healthy — they want people to give them their hard-earned money. Alongside their government cronies, the pharmaceutical industrial complex has taken over the world of medicine, and transformed it into a disease-peddling racket. And they’ve vilified real medicine along the way.

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